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What is international co-operation? Who is Africa Mission? What it is to live in Karamoja?

Many ask us this kind of questions, sometimes expecting the description of a poor and lifeless Africa, only to find out how this country is animated by an energy out of the ordinary. We here at Africa Mission, present in Uganda from over 40 years, have always desired to tell what goes on in those areas, sharing our path with who is interested or wants to be part of it.

If you want to know more about it, or to develop certains issues, or simply if you love Africa…Contact us!

We are available for organizing meetings in your community, into your parish group, scout group or you association, whatever it is. Together we can organize a meeting focused on the subjects of major interest, bringing our testimony and experience, some videos, photos…and some banquets of art and craft!

Our premises are scattered all over Italy: find the closest group and come up with your idea. 

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