Leave a Sign for a Dream!

Through your tax return you can support Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development projects through the 5xmille devolution. It does not cost you anything because it is a tax portion that renounces the state.

For our people of Karamoja your choice can make a difference.

Your signature will coincide with that of all other supporters and thanks to the contributions of the 5xmille campaign we will be able to carry out projects, missions and feed hope in the lives of many karimojong. In your next income statement fill out the form 730, the CUD or the Single Model; Sign your signature in the box "Supporting Non-Profit Organizations of Social Utility, Social Promotion Associations ..." and enter the Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development Tax Code 91005980338.

We remind you that the 5xmille is not an alternative to 8xmille and that if you do not put any choice your tax quota will remain in the state.

Support our activity in Italy and Uganda