Africa Mission

Africa Mission

Premised that Cooperation and Development is a corporate body with a full juridical and administrative autonomy, as the association Africa Mission is an organism with full juridical and administrative autonomy, the bond between the two associations still exists and finds operational base in the Charisma of its founders.
Both are expression of the Charisma of Don Vittorione and Mons. Manfredini, and in this perspective, they are completed each other through a communion of intents and works.
Today the collaboration is made explicit in the "Movement Africa Mission" or "Opera di Don Vittorio" and, essentially, it's a deep and convinced communion and sharing of spirit and mission among the two associations.

In Italy the association is present with a head office in Piacenza, 5 branch offices in the national territory and different support groups, playing an active role in awareness-raising campaigns and operations. 

The initiatives involve primarily:

· Kids and children at all levels of school education, addressing them by promoting awareness-raising programmes on international solidarity topics; by promoting intercultural paths; by designing and implementing contests, exhibitions and events in order to make the students the real protagonists.

· Youths, sensitising them on international solidarity themes and on the particular situation of  the North-Eastern Uganda people and promoting their active involvement to become agents of change on the field.

· All citizens, through the encouragement of solidarity culture and raising awareness of Karamoja's problems.

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