Let's restart from school

Let's restart from school

School must be a right for every child. Education must be the foundation for building up the future of a Nation and its people.
Unfortunately, all this is a distant reality in Uganda.

To attend a class, even in kindergarten, a school fee must be paid. Access for basic education for children in the region is often hindered by extreme povery situations, geographical isolation, discrimination, lacking of structures and ineffective use of available resources.

Not to mention the effects of Covid brought! Although Uganda has managed to contain the contagions, the pandemic had a heavy impact. Schools were closed for 2 years (world record!), many young people didn't return on to school because they had to work to earn money to help their parents. Girls were victims of violence and unexpected pregnancies. Teachers and professors didn't return to teaching because they were forced to look for a new job, otherwise they couldn't survive.

Here is our appeal!
Families in need of support are increasing in number. We want to intervene and for this reason we have chosen to continue to support as many students as possible with "W la Scuola" project, but it isn't easy at all! It's not just about paying for enrolment but also for uniforms, board, final exams, medicines and personal hygiene products and the salary of Africa Mission staff who look after children.

We accepted the request coming from 303 students and the amount of money we need for the second quarter is €24,171. Briefly we remind that in Uganda the school system divide the year into quarters.

Below there are the annual fees for support child in his/her schooling:
- primary school €240.00
- secondary school €450.00
- university/vocational school €1300.00

You can make a donation through traditional methods such as:
- Bank trasfer make out to Cooperation and Development IBAN: IT 04 I 05156 12600 CC00 0004 2089 presso BANCA DI PIACENZA - Sede Centrale di Via Mazzini, 20, 29121 Piacenza
- Transfer on postal c/c No. 14048292 make out to Cooperation and Development Ong Onlus
- on our website
Entering the reason of payment "Support for W la Scuola project".

Many thanks for your support!

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